Our proposal for establishing a forensic DNA laboratory will include, but is not limited, to:
•  Identify the needs of stakeholders in order to develop realistic expectations for forensic DNA services in a given forensic lab.
•  Determining the most appropriate methodologies for the forensic DNA testing services, such as desired lab space, number of staff needed, future expansion, extraction method and commercial STR kit selection and utilization, etc.
•  Write and/or review of policy and procedure manuals, SOPs, best practices, international standards, etc. for the forensic DNA laboratory.
•  Validating all testing methodologies.
•  Training, competency and proficiency of scientific staff.
Scope of Work:
Before making any decision, there should be an onsite visit for consultation, assessment and meeting with  Lab authorities to establish the development of a forensic DNA facility including details needed for the design of the lab, list of equipment and their specifications, methods of test and equipment validation, SOPs and other documentation.
Forensic and DNA lab
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