HOUKAD as an Export Management Company is exclusive representative of Iranian Knowledge-Based companies and high tech and medium tech products for export from Iran.
Basically, we are formal agent of Iran Tech Export Services Corridor (TESC). TESC is funded and authorized by the Vice Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Science and Technology. Our Company(IDNA) covers the manufacturers in the following field of production:
•Nanotechnology Products
•Bio Product
•Analytical Laboratory Equipment
•Mechanical & Material test Equipment
HOUKAD present the products in international exhibitions around the globe and we would be happy to meet you in the planned exhibitions.

The most prestigious Export management Company (EMC) for Iranian knowledge-based companies.
•HOUKAD Company works with a broad network of dedicated and competent partners.
HOUKAD Company employs a professional and market savvy staff who supports companies in their international business projects.
HOUKAD Company serves A to Z export management services for enabling  knowledge-based companies on international business.
HOUKAD Company Campmate the value chain of Export abilities and certifications.

Our strategy for entering international market is utilizing a combination of effective methods for Marketing and sales included:
•Specific and unique products /Technology
•To Create products portfolio for various labs
•To Develop solutions for specific needs in various scientific fields.
Cooperation Models:
      HOUKAD Company, is ready to cooperate in the following fields:
•Direct Sale
•Looking for Local Representative/Distributors
•Contract Management(CM)
•Joint Venture
•Technology Transferring
•and etc.

HOUKAD Products/Solutions:
Laboratory specific Equipment for various Scientific Labs:
A.Biotechnology Lab Equipment
•Bio AFM
•Blood Bank Collection
•Bio Agriculture Lab
B.Nanotechnology Lab Equipment
•Atomic Force Microscopy
•Vacuum coating systems
•Electrospinning Systems
•Capillary Electrophoresis
•Nano Cavitation systems
•Plasma Nano Colloid
C.Medical Lab (Pathology) Equipment
•Laminar Hood
•Twin Agents Autoclaves
•Wood Lamp
D.Analytical Lab Equipment
•Ion mobility Spectrometer
•TOF mass Spectrometer
E.Petroleum Lab Equipment
•Steady State Gas Permeameter
•Unsteady State Relative Permeameter
•Helium Porosimeter
•High Pressure/Temperature Density Meter
•Electrical Properties System
•HPHT Drop Shape Analysis System
F.Material & Mechanical Lab Equipment
Nano Technology Products and Materials which would be applicable on:
•Nanomaterials Sector
•Health & Medical Sector
•Drug and Medical Sector
•Civil and Construction Sector
•Automotive and Transportation Industry
•Paint and Coating Industry
•Textile & Loom Industry
•Water Treatment and Environment Sector
•Home Appliances Sector
•Oil and Petroleum Industry
•Agriculture and Food Industry
•Power and Energy Industry
Setting up laboratory & Facilities Projects:
•Forensic and DNA lab
•Mask Production Line Based on Nanofibers
•Fertility and Infertility Center
•Petroleum Lab
• etc.
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