Double Door Deep Freezer -70°C With Two Refrigeration Cycles
Designed for storage of plasma, tissue, and serum at a temperature of -80°C with excellent temperature uniformity and fast recovery after door openings in biotechnology, research,chemical, agricultural, food industries, and blood transfusion laboratories.
General Specifications
•Stainless steel interior
•Powder coated, galvanized steel exterior
•High density Polyurethane foam insulation
•Power consumption: 1500 VA
•stainless still shelves
•Heavy-duty swivel locking castors
• Equipped with a digital temperature recording system which saves data every 5
minutes permanently
•In case of power failure, an automatically rechargeable battery saves information up to 5 hours
•German paperless temperature recording system
•Alarm too high/low temperature with time delay
•RS 485 interface for remote temperature monitoring up to 78 units via CoolVision software
•RS 232 interface for direct PC control
•LCD display shows data, temperature, time, and probe’s name in 4 different
languages(English, German, French, and Dutch)
•European cold storage controller
Technical Specifications
                                                    Length    Width    Height
Internal Upstairs Dimensions(cm)           68          55        46.5
Internal Downstairs Dimensions(cm)       68          55         44
External Dimensions(cm)                      101.5      88        208

•  Four Danfoss compressors
•  Two-stage cooling system with heat exchanger
•  Two Eliwell controllers made in Italy with PT100 sensor
•  Two Eliwell controllers made in Italy with NTC sensor
•  Temperature tolerance for the shelves is ±2°C
•   Controller and stability display with accuracy of 0.1°C
•  Internal body made from opaque stainless steel (314)
•  External body made from galvanized sheet covered with electrostatic color
•   Polyurethane body insulator
•  Four shelves and two separate internal and external doors
•  European digital temperature stability or HMI and programming PLC
•Capability of connecting to computer as well as alarm and temperature
•record after power cutoff for four hours
•Two independent temperature control systems each with two European
•thermostats (one to control in-set temperature and another to control heat
• Capacity of higher shelf : 160 L
• Capacity of lower shelf : 170 L  
• Power input : 2600 V Share
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